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Have your Thanksgiving and eat it, too!

Who doesn't love a holiday structured around good food? What's not to love? Thanksgiving has been one of, if not my top, favorite holiday for many, many years. The opportunity to be present, reflect on gratitude, be with those you love and enjoy delicious food--it's the best!

For years, I grew up going to my grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. My grandparents lived about 8 houses up the street and she loved to feed people. There were very set rules about what was served and no one dared mess with the dressing recipe! In true southern fashion, our dessert table often rivaled the main food table with its copious offerings. My mom always brought 2-3, my aunts would bring 2 or 3 and my grandmother always added her own dessert. Anyone and everyone were welcome at my grandmother's table so we always made sure to have plenty of food. As a kid, it was fantastic. Thanksgiving has always been one of my absolute favorite holidays, I think I mentioned that.

However, as I grew up and became more aware of my health, Thanksgiving was a little more frustrating because I didn't want to miss out, but I also knew some of the beloved family favorites didn't sit well with me. I was also beginning to recognize the health consequences of our southern palette in my parents and grandparents. I wanted to make healthier habits.

When my second child was 6 weeks old, we enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family and by that evening my sweet little one was miserable. She had grown increasingly fussy over the previous weeks but this was next level. She was clearly in pain and nothing seemed to soothe her. She finally fell asleep around 2 am. The next morning, she was spitting up horrific, unnatural green spit-up. After a total GI workup, she was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and I (her sole food source) was instructed to give up any and all dairy, whey, casein for at least 6 months. This was the beginning of a more serious dedication to conscious food changes.

As I thought back over what I'd eaten the day before, I started to see where some of the traditional recipes were causing problems for not only me, but now my little one. I began spending time trying various substitutions, finding recipes that worked...and some that definitely did not.

Fast forward and today, I enjoy Thanksgiving with all it's traditional foods but now I've created recipes that are also healthy! So now I'd like to share those same tried and true recipes with you. What if you could enjoy Thanksgiving or the holiday season with all the delicious flavors we know and love, but without the bloating and "carb crash" that leaves you sluggish for days? Head to the website and grab your FREE copy of my favorite healthy, tasty, traditional meal recipes!

Happy Thanksgiving, may you enjoy the day with those near and dear to you!

All the best,


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