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Who we are

Redefined Health + Wellness was created with the mission to offer women a more personalized and complete experience for their hormone care.  


Our hormonal struggles are not one-size fits all and the treatment should not be either. Everything we offer is designed to offer the most expert, precise care with customized treatment plans tailored to your exact hormone needs. We offer support to implement every aspect in a manageable way. Our goal is to help you reach your optimal health and achieve the your goals. We know how it feels, because we have each been there. We recognize the need for women to be heard and understood. We are driven by a desire for every women to receive the proper, complete and compassionate care she deserves.


If you are thinking you might be dealing with "hormonal stuff",  over 80% of women will struggle with hormone issues at some point in their lives, you're definitely not alone!

From a woman's first period to the last, and all the monthly ups and downs in between, women deal with ever-fluctuating hormones

throughout our lives.  

Whether you have tried traditional medicine or alternative medicine is your go-to, we can help you approach your symptoms in a natural way.

Through our clinic services + educational courses we empower women like you so they understand their bodies and learn how they can look and feel their best every day of the month!

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