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Our Story

Amanda Merrell is a Functional Medicine educated Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Redefined Health + Wellness, here in Atlanta, Georgia. Everyday we’re helping women finally find answers and achieve their best health as they move through mid-life. As a nurse practitioner of 17 years, turned functional med practitioner, and a mom of 5 who has experienced my fair share of  hormonal issues: watching women in my family yo-yo diet for years, my own cystic acne, migraines, unexplained weight gain, post-partum depression and ovarian issues - I have truly seen it all.  I have seen how traditional medicine is focused on band-aid fixes and based on really dated research. 


I saw how hard it was for me to find actual answers, support and treatment, even with nearly 2 decades in healthcare. And I know how incredible I feel after finally figuring out what’s going on and have been able to implement changes that have lead to healing.  It's amazing how incredible you can feel when you have precise data on your own body!


I wouldn’t trade ANY of it because now it allows me to support women from a VERY deep level of experience. With a science-backed, holistic approach, we test (never guess) and create a precise path forward to empower women to take back control of their bodies and find energy, emotional stability, predictable periods, a healthy weight, restorative sleep and mental clarity.


 If you’ve been looking for an alternative approach and real answers to your unexplained symptoms, I am here for you and would sincerely love to support you. You can schedule a free 15 minute call. I would love to learn more about your experiences and concerns. 

“I am thankful for my struggle because, without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength." -Alex Elle


"If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation." 


Inspiration Behind the Workshops

These workshops were created to bring hormone education to more women. Teaching and helping others better understand their own bodies is one of the things that brings me tremendous joy, I get really excited when a concept clicks and someone's face lights up. When a woman understands her own body, when she can read the signals and recognize what she she can do to get back on track--that's powerful. She is able to live life with the energy and physical health to go out and do life on a whole new level. It is game-changing. When women are at their best, impressive things happen. It's a dream come true to be able to share these workshops with you!  I promise we will laugh and there will be "a-ha!" lightbulb moments. It's going to be so good. You don't have to wait to see us in the clinic to start learning and making effective changes. You do not need to continue feeling crummy or wondering what's going on or worried about becoming your mother! There is hope and healing is possible. Come join us in The Workshop!

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