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Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid disorders can be sneaky and wreak havoc on your hormones + overall health. Most women never receive proper assessment, treatment or management of their thyroid. When you consider that every cell in our bodies has thyroid hormone receptors--that's a BIG deal. There are also many ways the thyroid may not be working optimally! At RDHW, we do complete thyroid assessments and take a full-picture, whole-person approach to managing thyroid dysfunction, which ultimately boosts all your other hormones.

Butterfly on Branch

Our patients come to us for thyroid dysfunction when they have experienced yo-yo'ing labs or feeling sluggish, bloated, "out of synch" or experiencing symptoms they suspect are thyroid related. Often, they are struggling with infertility, weird periods, are post-partum and don't feel like they are recovering the way they should. Perimenopause and menopause are often times when we see thyroid dysfunction flare up, as well. They come to us when they're told "everything looks normal", yet they continue to feel like junk. It prevents them from having the energy and hormonal balance they seek. 

It's generally when they realize they've been spending more and more time feeling like they're going through the day in mud or a fog and Googling “how to heal XYZ…” that they decide it's time for some professional help.


If you're ready to get back to feeling like you, having energy, mental clarity and feeling like your body is working properly, we're here to help you figure out if it's your thyroid and the best approach to healing..


Some common complaints we see related to thyroid dysfunction:

  • weight that won't budge (or even goes up!) despite "eating less, moving more"

  • achy joints

  • muscle fatigue that makes previously normal exertion seem hard

  • brain fog, feeling mentally slow

  • digestive issues (hello, bloating + constipation or diarrhea)

  • fatigue, even when you've had plenty of sleep

  • irregular periods (short cycles, long cycles, heavy or light flow)

  • dry skin

  • tingling/nerve issues

  • hair loss, thinning hair

  • hoarse voice

  • swollen neck area

  • jaw pain

  • gum sensitivity

  • headaches

  • poor wound healing

  • dry eyes

Your body knows how to heal. You're ready to feel healthy and whole, again. 


Together we’ll focus on diagnosing the actual cause of dysfunction (often not what or where we think), and work to address the root issues.  We help to accelerate healing, improve overall function and support optimal thyroid function so you can feel your best in the years to come.


  • Fully assessing thyroid function

  • Identifying where to target therapy

  • Addressing contributing factors 

  • Increasing function of the thyroid

  • Returning to daily activity and energy levels 

  • Resolving the pesky symptoms that worry you and hold you back





It's very simple. Book your Initial appointment so we can do a full intake, a complete physical assessment, determine the necessary lab work and build a customized plan based on your diagnosis.



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