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Infertility affects roughly 1 in 8 couples trying to conceive. It can also feel be a very painful, costly and lonely journey. The time, medications and financial expenses can pile up. The physical and emotional toll can strain the strongest of women. The jump from your GYN office to IVF therapy can feel like a huge leap, and it is. Often women wonder if there's anything else they can do or some type of "middle option".  The standard treatments are daunting and create a myriad of side effects that increase the physical/emotional burden. The process is stressful and can cause women to question if their bodies can ever work "normally"; if they will ever have the precious baby they long to hold. Fortunately, for many, many women there are ways to optimize, improve and even allow for natural conception! Whether you are considering IVF, seeking alternative more natural ways to conceive or in the midst of IVF and want to optimize your chance of success--Redefined can support you and help you offers address the root issues in gentle, effective ways.

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Our patients come to us for infertility when they are not quite ready to jump into IVF and want to pursue supporting their bodies naturally, before they try a ton of prescriptions, shots and synthetic hormones. Or they come to us when they are in the process of IVF and desire to maximize their chances for quick success. They come to us anxious to have a baby. Often, they have been told they, or their partners, or both, have various factors that make conception impossible without the help of IVF. Fortunately, there is so much more than can be done and effectively support a women (or couple) dealing with infertility. Many couples will have success through lifestyle modifications and optimizing hormonal health. The extra benefit of this approach is when they enter pregnancy, they are healthier and enter parenthood with new energy. They are at lower risks for pregnancy and post-partum complications.

It's generally when they realize they've been spending more and more money, time or emotional energy stressed about conceiving or wondering if they'll ever be able to get pregnant and Googling “how to increase chances of conception…” that they decide it's time for some professional help.


If you're ready to support your body's natural fertility or optimize your chances during IVF,  feel hormonally aligned and maximize your body is working properly, we're here to help you figure out what you (and your partner) can do and the best approach to successful conception.


Together we’ll focus on diagnosing the actual cause of your infertility (sometimes not what or where we think), and work to address the root issues.  We help to achieve optimal ovulation, sperm health and metabolic health to encourage success in conceiving. We work to support optimal hormone levels so you can feel your best and be your healthiest for pregnancy and parenthood. 


  • Fully assessing where your hormone levels are

  • Evaluating the potential physical barriers

  • Determining what your body is doing with your hormones 

  • Identifying key metabolic areas inhibiting ovulation

  • Identifying where to target therapy

  • Addressing contributing factors 

  • Increasing healthy ratios/levels of hormones

  • Optimizing ovulation, sperm health and timing 

  • Giving you the ability to feel like the best version of you as you prepare for parenthood. 





It's very simple. Book your Initial appointment so we can do a full intake, a complete physical assessment, determine the necessary lab work and build a customized plan based on your diagnosis.



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